2 comments on “Zidane’s World Cup Headbutt,唉!

  1. Sports As Life Metaphor or Life as Sport Metaphor: What provoked French captain Zinedine Zidane to head-butt an Italian player Materazzi and get thrown out on a Red Card? A stunned French team, lost without their captain and ace striker, went down in a penalty-shootout defeat. It\’s a tragic end for the most diverse soccer team in the World Cup, which offers a counterpoint to the fiery race riots and Frances\’s ongoing virulent racist problem. In addition to a team that seemed (at times) to have a majority of non-white players, many of the star players fly in the face of what Le Pen calls "the ideal France" (the neo-nazi politician attacked the French World Cup team is "insufficiently French." Zidane is the son of Algerian immigrants. Thierry Henry\’s parents came from the French West Indies. Patrick Vieira was born in Senegal. Franck Ribry is married to a North African woman. But is it that diversity that sparked the confrontation. With Soccer\’s long and virulent history of racism, especially in Europe, speculation is hardening that the Italian player may have uttered a racist slur against Zidane, which caused him to lose his head. Some reports suggest that he was called a "dirty terrorist", and the long-simmering debate about racism in Europe and Soccer threatens to blow into the open. Everyone is still waiting for Zidane to speak. My next Topic: Who Is Marco Materazzi? And How Did He Get Zidane to Blow Up?

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